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Where to Get the Best Enterprise QuickBooks Support

Plenty of services offer QuickBooks Enterprise support, but how do you know you have the best option for your needs? You must consider the cost of support along with the unique benefits provided by official and unofficial support teams. There are also some strategies you can use to get free support.

Is QuickBooks Support Included in Your Service Plan?

The first place to look for support services is in your existing assets. If you already own QuickBooks Enterprise, then you may already have online support included in your purchase. This is especially likely if you purchased QuickBooks Enterprise as a SAAS product. Look through your purchase receipt and review any purchase summary you may have.

You may have full or limited support options based on how and when you purchased QuickBooks Enterprise. For instance, many QuickBooks programs come with full support services, including online chat and phone lines, for a limited time. These services will eventually run out, however. The kind and length of available service depend on what product package you buy, when you buy it, and what special promotions may have been available when you made your purchase. If at all possible, take advantage of these services while you can.

The Benefits of Official QuickBooks Enterprise Support

Free trial periods allow you to test out official QuickBooks Enterprise support to see if it works well for you and your business. If you do not have access to free QuickBooks support with your initial purchase, you should know the unique advantages and drawbacks of paying for official QuickBooks support down the line. If you are interested, you can always choose a limited service package to test the support services for a set period of time.

Getting support from the same company that developed the product always comes with certain advantages. For one thing, you can always trust that they genuinely understand their product, and they handle questions and concerns from so many other clients that your problem is likely something they’ve seen before. Another advantage is that you may actually get these services as part of your original purchase, as we discussed above. This could save you a lot of money, especially when you’re first learning the system. If you don’t frequently need tech support, a limited window of time during which you can ask startup questions and address technical concerns may be ideal.

The Advantages of Third Party QuickBooks Enterprise Support

QuickBooks employees know their product. They aren’t the only ones, however, with advanced, official training. Due to the sheer volume of customers who use QuickBooks, the official organization began offering training courses to third-party tech support companies. This means you don’t necessarily have to call QuickBooks to get the official solution to your problem.

Unlike official QuickBooks support, third parties may be able to offer additional insight. These businesses typically handle QuickBooks often, and they are personally familiar with potential errors and glitches. They also know how Enterprise will interact with many popular, third-party programs. Since third-party programming is one of the leading causes of technical problems, this is a valuable insight.

Support from certified QuickBooks professionals from other companies has another advantage. It’s usually a lot cheaper. You may be able to get free support for a set period of time when buying products from third parties, just as you would if you bought QuickBooks Enterprise directly from QuickBooks’ website. It would be much cheaper to continue with the third-party support after your free trial expires, however, than it would be to continue paying for official QuickBooks support.

Consider Budgeting for Regular Support

Even if you master QuickBooks Enterprise’s basic systems within the trial period for your support services, it’s impossible to determine what will happen down the road. Having support available allows you to focus on your work, secure in the knowledge that help is ready and available when you need it. There are plenty of different service options available, especially when you factor in certified third-party teams. The diversity of options works in the customer’s favor.

Paying for regular QuickBooks Enterprise support doesn’t have to be expensive. There are options suitable for any budget. If anything goes wrong, this service will pay for itself very quickly. Rather than spending hours riding out the problem on your own, you can turn to reliable experts who can get you back up and running faster. Time is money, and good support services help you save more of it.

The best QuickBooks Enterprise support solution is the one that fits your budget and your needs. Third-party software often offers cheaper options, along with a greater range of packages. Official QuickBooks support may come free with your initial purchase. Remember that you can always experiment. Use free service periods to determine whether or not you want to pay for a full subscription.


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