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Top 10 QuickBooks Enterprise Support Calls

The AQB team recently traveled from Austin, TX to attend the Intuit Premier Reseller conference in Burlingame, CA. The event had a great group of Intuit employees training on important information for QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Point of Sale resellers and trainers. My personal favorite was the session with the QuickBooks Enterprise team. They went over the top 10 reasons QuickBooks Enterprise users or Proadvisors call support.

Most of the answers have videos or video groups that can help QuickBooks users avoid that call to the support line. We wanted to share the list with you as well as some quick input on fixes! Please let us know your biggest support issues in the comments below.

#1 General A/R transactions

a. A lot of people call QuickBooks Enterprise Support for the How Do I questions surrounding Account Receivable. This is the most important area of QuickBooks right? We have great training videos to help people in the future avoid this phone call. Check them out here.

#2 QuickBooks Performance: slowness, latency (SLN54633)

a. First we run the obvious verify and rebuild a few times. If you do not do this already put it on your calendar to run at least monthly. Go to File > Utilities > Verify or Rebuild

b. Next we look at network set up. Does the file work faster on a local computer versus through the network, or do you need to access the file through the UNC path versus the mapped drive.

c. Intuit does offer a tool that will check to be sure your computer memory is being used properly by QuickBooks. You can download that tool here. We also suggest running a Defrag on your computer and on the server. Restart your computer.

d. Reset your TLG file by running through a back up – File > Create Copy > Backup

e. Re-sort all your lists by opening each list one at a time and go to View > Resort List. Do Customer Center, Vendor Center, Employee Center, and ALL lists under the list drop down. Also go to write checks, put the cursor in the Payee Name field and press CTRL + L. Re-sort this list too.

3. Error H202: (SLN40493)

a. This error usually comes up because of local computer or network firewalls, ports, multiple computers hosting, or Windows permissions. A quick fix that works most of the time is to download the QuickBooks File Doctor here.

4. General A/P Transactions

a. Why call QuickBooks Enterprise Support for the How Do I questions surrounding Account Payable when we have great training videos to help people this phone call. Check them out here.

5. Balance Sheet out of balance (SLN64521)

a. We had a problem with this back in the 2009 version of QuickBooks Enterprise, but I hadn’t seen it for a few years until recently. It is usually happening from damaged transaction links or improperly entered transactions. QuickBooks is a program that is meant to be used with a certain flow of data. If we push the program to do transactions in a way it is not expecting, it will cause some problems in the database. As with most troubleshooting, first run a file verify and rebuild two times each.

b. Try switching between cash and accrual basis and summary and detailed to see if it is the report causing a problem or a transaction.

c. If you can narrow down the transaction causing the problem, print the Transaction Journal (CTRL + Y) and Transaction History (CTRL + H). Then you can memorize the transaction and re enter it, or delete it and re enter it. You may have to mark it cleared again if it is linked to a previously reconciled account.

6. Importing Lists from Excel File

a. There are three ways we recommend importing information into QuickBooks. One is using the Advanced import tool in File > Utilities > Import from Excel> Advanced Import.

b. You can also use a .iif file to import lists or over write existing list items. To see the proper format you want to first export the list by going to file > Utilities>Export>List to .iif file. We have a video on that here. (Please note that .iif files do not force a back up so you should do this first. They can also be unstable).

c. Finally we also recommend using the Transaction Pro Importer – please stay tuned for training videos on this product soon.

7. Create/Customize A/R Templates

a. So many people use QuickBooks Enterprise, but each company wants to put their own stamp on the forms coming from their QuickBooks file. Watch our detailed videos on how to customize your templates here.

8. Setup or update QuickBooks Enterprise Users and Permissions


a. We suggest you run through all the permissions available in QuickBooks Enterprise at least once so you can see what is possible. Did you know you can assign a user to have access to the operations checking account but not the payroll account?

9. Sales Tax

a. Every state has different rules on sales tax so we do not go into too much depth on the Sales Tax rules.

10. Set Up Advanced Inventory

a. Advanced Inventory includes Bar Code Scanning, Multiple Warehouses and Bin number tracking, Lot or Serial Number Tracking, and the ability to do FIFO inventory valuation. Advanced Inventory gets better and better each year and stay tuned to see the road map of what is next in the Advanced Inventory path.

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